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The Now Inside Cat

Outside. Who knew that outside would become scary to our cat? He's not been going there.

Mind you, he's been staying inside more often since the spring. I think that he's not been defending his territory as well as he used to. In this new house, he knows that this isn't his territory and he can smell other cats. When he does go outside, he has this frantic look when it's time to come in. So now he spends most of the time in his room (my office) on his bookcases (my bookcases) looking out the window.

Poor little guy.

He did get to have some fun with a cricket last night. I suspect that he ate it.

I did see a racoon tail one night disappearing into a storm drain, so he might know that 'coons are out there, and they are bigger than he is.

Of course, being an inside cat means that we now have to maintain his litter box. It also means that he's inside in the mornings, and he's been getting us up early-early.

I really hope that he does go outside. He really does love it out there.

In tests earlier this year, his kidneys seemed enlarged. That might still be bothering him. 


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Sep. 8th, 2012 12:17 pm (UTC)
When Emilio's gourmet store-bought crickets go on walkabout in the basement, they don't last long with three cats around. The outdoor type (big black ones) are slightly better armored, but cats will eat those, too! They just jump higher and are therefore better mealtime entertainment.
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