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Still Working

Last night, I finally found out where Hers Truly's school was.

I really need a new nik for Hers Truly. It doesn't quite fit any more. So, I'll start calling her Miss Rainbow Dash, or Miss Dash for short, or maybe RDash. She's a Rainbow Dash fangirl, and always takes her parts in stories.

So, Jenny hung up shelves in Miss Dash's bedroom, and I dug out many of her toys and clothing. That needs to migrate upstairs.

I tried replacing the Moen shower handle cartridge this morning, but the thing was stuckity-stuck-stuck. I had to abort. Hopefull some vinegar helps. I'll keep applying before I get desperate and buy another tool. This might get ugly, folks.

As a side project, I'm trying to clean up Miss Dash's antique rocking chair that we fished out of the old attic. I can't refinish it, so I'm wiping it down with mineral spirits and rewaxing it, hoping for the best.

Mother-in-law goes home today. I get my office back for that 10 minutes per day when I can use it. For a while, my workshop area will simply be more valuable to my free time. So much to fix. So much.


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Sep. 2nd, 2012 03:02 pm (UTC)
It took Tom 18 years of working out before he could remove the ancient (and non-standard size!) shower head threads in my bathroom using a pipe wrench. Start lifting weights! :> Oh wait, you've been moving boxes; never mind. If you have to reattach such a thing ever, teflon tape is your friend.
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