Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Washing Machine Fix

I got the washing machine up and working. I only had to tighten the compression nut on top of the handle to stop the leak. OK, it took some tight turning. I'll replace the bad knobs later on. Right now, it works well enough for my mother-in-law to do a round of laundry.

I got the deep sink working. I had another faucet leaking around the handle. I cannibalized a replacement handle from the demolished downstairs bathroom. Once again, I'll replace the taps when more convenient.

The dryer heavy duty outlet needed wire screwed back in.

I ran a test wash. The u-bend in the deep sink didn't leak too much. I still need a new one, and I also need to adjust it a bit to move the whole tub six to twelve inches to the right. I'll have to figure out the plumming puzzle for that one.

I started hauling wood from the shed.

I made progress removing tack board from the basement, along with tiles having staples. Safety quest continues.

I drilled hole for hanging Elfa shelves. Jen will handle the details for that. She'll have an Elfa desk in the living room.

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