Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

I Hate Plumming

My job last night was to buy a deep sink. So I did, along with buying all the stuff that goes with the sink.

The sink worked, but it was a bit big. The other sink was smaller. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong size connectors and the wrong length tail pipe. Back to the hardware store, I bought the right objects and came back. The tail pipe now fit, but it was a bit short, but I could bring the u-bend up. I connected up the taps. I found that I could not turn on the taps because the stops were stuck. I poured water down the sink, only to find out that the u-bend was cracked and dripped.

OK. Time to move on. I plugged in the washer, or tried. The old 3-to-2 prong adapter on the plug made itself so stuck that I had to cut off the adapter. The metal bits had fused together. To make matters more fun, I attached the new water hoses to the washer  only to discover that the manufacturers had forgotten half the washers, so they didn't work. I wound up getting the hoses from the old house. They worked, keeping in the water. Unfortunately, when I turned the water on, I found that the cold water valve leaked.

I haven't touched the dryer yet.

So on today's agenda, I need to replace all those valves, which irritates me, because the next things wrong include making pipes leak and a failing main shutoff valve.

I did manage to put a new airator on the sink and replace the sprayer, but I needed to go to youtube for the sprayer. So, two small victories and alot of hassles.

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