Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Kindergarten and Weekend Wrapup

Today is Hers Truly's first day of kindergarden. She was quite excited. Jenny's been getting her ready for it all week long. I hope to hear good news out of this.

On Friday, we moved more stuff from the old house. Dinner was Urban BBQ.

Saturday, I spent an hour finding everything for special breakfast, and we made pancakes. I mowed the lawn again. I took more shelves off the walls in the old house. I shuffled stuff about to make some more space. I also moved the pile of walnut logs that I acquired. One day, I'll do something with them or, if all else fails, use them as firewood.

On Sunday, we finally made it back to church. The nursury worker is leaving, so Jenny has to find more nursury workers.

I pulled stuff out of the old attic. Jenny's mom came down again, and she'll be with us all week.

My parents left us with some TV trays in rough condition. Turns out, with a little palm sander love, and a layer of linseed oil, they spruced up quite nicely. Dad also brought me some tools from auction. I got a much lighter carpenter axe (yay), drill bits (yay), and a good campfire axe.

I plopped a layer of polyurathane on the old asbestos floor in the back room. That should seal that up. I now need to remove the drop ceiling and put in a new electrical outlet for the internet/phone. Still, I'm making progress and should be able to start moving items into there tonight.

The deep sink needs a rethink. I have no idea how they pulled it off the wall, but I may not be able to hang it again. I'll have to think about this. However, any way that I look at it, I need a deep sink to run the washer. VERY IMPORTANT.

I finally found the legs to my wooden tabletop, so now I have an impromptu workbench. It will need upgrading/replacing eventually, but not right now.

I finally replaced the wipers to my car. Yay. And I also changed the air filter and replaced the headlights. I've also order a headlight restoration kit. That should help. I have replacement wires and spark plugs on the way, too. I'm considering changing all my own oil. I'll need a few extra tools to do that.

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