Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

More Moving

Jenny is pushing on the moving. We need to flea bomb the old house and take care of the ants, and she can't move on that until stuff moves. So, stuff moved. We moved out bigger stuff last night in the rain. (It sure has been a rainy August.) She'll be moving more stuff today as my parents visit. Things still on the list include taking down all the shelves, emptying the shed, touching up the walls, and cleaning.

I'd help move more during the day, but we're down multiple staff at work. 

If my neighbors don't buy the house, I'll plop a layer of polyurathane on the floor. It's easy enough to touch up the scratched spots. I still have the original polyurathane, so I should be able to match it.

Meanwhile, lift keeps going on. My care needs new wipers, replaced headlight bulbs, and an oil change. I'll be damned if I can get any time to do it. Hopefully while going home today. 

Moving means "everything at once" people.

The cat is still cooped up. He's slowly adapting. He's also bored. Hers Truly is learning to play cat games with him. This time, she's actually grasping the games. For example, she now understands 'Hide and Pouce', where they cat hides, and you present him with a string to hunt. It's an actual game that the cat initiates. She also likes 'Beast in a Box', where the cat gets in the box, and his terrible paws come out and catch the string.

Hopefully the cat can get some outside time soon. 

I want to make the cat a cat house. (Yeah, I know what the term means.) He'll need some sort of shelter near the front door. As a bonus, if it's off the ground, so it also counts as high-ground for him. 

I want to make a porch area off the kitchen. I also want a shelter over it so that we can deploy mosquito netting. 

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