Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

More Work

The work continues.

My parents came down and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. They've offered to buy us a fridge. They brought Hers Truly a brass headboard. 

I resanded the floor in the small bedroom, then stained it even lighter than the large bedroom. I abandoned using a brush and just used a rag with minimal staining. I put down another two layers of polyurathane on Hers Truly's floor. It's now really purdee. I then moved onto sanding the stair again. They will get a golden oak staining eventually.

Our bathroom shower is difficult to work. I figured out how to work it on and off, and how to get the always-on shower unstuck.

I did a dump run. All the carpeting is now gone.

I've started replacing receptacles in the house. I made some progress, but came home to eat. How could so many receptacles be so bad in one house? I have no clue.

Jenny's been working like a madwoman. We've been purging and moving more stuff.

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