Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

And There's Still More work

With the trim and all that done yesterday, I sanded floors today. Three floors with a belt sander, more specifically. That's hard work. I'm doing my best to kill my shop vac. It was weezing by the end of the day.

I did polyurathane on the small bedroom first, as a test. Good thing, too. My previous polyurathane had an amber sheen, while this new stuff doesn't. My floor came out white as a baby's bottom. So, I bought stain to do the master bedroom. In good news, the floor did yellow a bit, and the wood may be a fir. If so, then the lack of color in the floor will be self correcting. Then again, I may strip it again and stain it anyway, just to match the other rooms. The great thing about the stain is that it nicely hides the irregular stripping job caused by the belt sander. It matches tone very nicely.

Tonight I get to go back and do more. 

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