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I took the day off and cranked. I removed the tack strip and pulled all the staples, fixed (kudged) the AC unit allowing me to cool the house, removed hardware from the walls, patched large holes left by the intercom system, spackled over holes and stuff, mowed the back yard twice, replace the lawn mower blade, and generally cranked.

We paid the contractor. Turns out, one of the mold sources was from a leak in the outflow hose from the AC system. Normally he would not have torn out the wall, but we asked him to, so he found it. Good.

The cumbers are now coming in. We got ten in today.

Hers Truly is torn by the move. She refers to home as "our real house." She did not even want to eat lunch in the new house.

We're getting Hers Truly ready for kindergarten. Jenny bought her a pretty alarm clock. (Minimalist + purple + lovely curve.) They made a visual list of all jobs, and times how long it took to walk to the bus stop.

Jenny is now sorting through books, categorized as A, B, and purge. A's will get shelved first. Unused B's might get purged.