Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Week in Florida

We flew down to Orlando, FL on Sunday and met up with Jen's family: her brother John and wife Chu Li and Anna and Andrew, Jenny's Mom and Ed, Chu Li's mother, and Chu Li's brother and son.

Much playing and swimming happened. Anna and Hers Truly are only a year apart, and their other cousin was the same age as well. Only little Andrew was much younger. They even had a few sleepovers. I spent much of my time hanging with the kids and keeping them amused when the TV was off.

Hers Truly discovered Phineas and Pherb.

We spent two days at Sea World. Kids really slow down your touring. We spent one of those afternoons just doing the kiddie area. They had a three story human habitrail. We spent one day at Disney. We went later in the day, then stayed late for Hers Truly's first fireworks. In cool fireworks innovations, the pre-show was a projection onto the castle. It was all cleverly done.

We spent one day down on Cocoa beach. I had wanted the gulf side, but that was a little two far with two kids in tow, as we took Anna with us, so we went to Cocoa Beach instead. It was a lovely beach. The waves were easy. The water was mild. The wading zone went out forever. There were permanent beach folks there with leathery brown skin. That's what you get if you love the beach.  I think this is also where Major Nelson lived in I Dream of Jeanie. Cape Canaveral was just up the road. We rented a beach umbrella because we weren't dumb. With the fine sand, I made a sand sculpture stegosaur (not anatomically correct) and Jenny made a sand sculpture mermaid (likewise).

Another first was Hers Truly's first rollercoaster. The loved Thunder Mountain at Disney. She also campaigned hard for the Shamu Express at Sea World. She was nervous at first, but then we said that she should panic like Pinkie Pie. so she just screamed her head off instead. That worked, and now she likes screaming on the exciting rides.

We played our first put-put gold. Getting Hers Truly to understand that it's okay to be bad a put-put. It was supposed to be a wacky challenge, and that being bad at it was part of the game.

We wound up with too much ice cream. On Saturday morning, I just let the girls have mint chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast.

Jenny's mom provided the timeshare for us. As it turned out, we were next door to John's family, which was great for the kids. We just propped the doors open and they migrated between rooms at their pleasure. Somehow, this place also missed the 21st century and had no internet in the rooms.

Our favorite pool to swim in turned out to be a pool for a different hotel. It was poorly marked. The whole condo arrangement was weird. Somebody was clearly smoking crack when they designed the place, excuse me, cobbled the place together. Once you lived there for a while, you began noticing all the corners that they cut.

We drove a Fiat 500 the whole time that we were down there. Those are great little cars. I loved driving it. Even going down to the beach, it drove great. I'd love having one as a commuter.

I'm sure that there was other stuff. It's hard to remember everything in one infodump.

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