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Weekend Wrapup

we cancelled our outing to see a Beatles cover band on Friday night. Rain was threatening. We ate at our favorite Tai place instead.

On Saturday, we had an outing to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at Glen Echo. Hers Truly had great fun. She went forward to sit with the other kids. That was a first for her. She did not even retreat to regain our comforting presence. Afterwards, we rode the carousel. After that, we went over to Phil and Jill's house for lunch.

On Sunday, after many weeks away, we returned to church. After church, we sat down and watched an episode of Planet Earth, as Hers Truly likes animals so much.

Lots needs to happen in the next few weeks. Jenny will be busy. I'll be prepping. There will be way too much to do at the new house.