Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Chesapeake Beach

On Friday night, we went to downtown Rockville to listen to the Crawdaddied (Cajun/Zydeco). It was fun, as always, but for some reason the usual crowd was down. I'll blame the overcast weather.

Saturday was generally spent around the house. Hers Truly had seen me "rescuing" a girl while I was playing Mass Effect, so in order to do that again, I had to start Mass Effect over again. We played through the beginning. Soon we will get to the section where we will rescue the girl, then I'm sure that we'll play that part over and over again.

Thinking of over and over again, I made up a new MLP story that is now demanded over-and-over again. By that, I mean that is the only story she's asked for for the last two days. I must have told it 40 times (no exaggeration). The ponies all catch the bird flu.

On Sunday, we went down to Chesapeake Beach for a housewarming. That's down on the bay, just north of Calvert Cliffs. We had fun finding shark's teeth on the beach. Hers Truly got stung by a jellyfish, much to her displeasure. The weather was darned hot, but a storm moved in late and cooled things down. Down by the water was really very nice. We wrapped up the evening blowing bubbles.

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