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Wrapup ME1

Wrapped up Mass Effect last night. Much melodrama happened. I hate boss battles.

I had a "moral" dilemma to work out as part of the plot. I chose firepower, and chose to get rid of the option that I never used anyway. I like firepower. Overall, I've gotten more used to the controls. The combat still feels arcade-like to me, and I greatly dislike how the vehicles handle. I think that all future vehicles were designed by ex-communists who replaced shock-absorbers with power-amplifiers.

Overall playtime was about 30 hours. The credits were damned long. Lotsa people worked on that project.

I finally got used to the controls and stopped dying. Also, I went straight into one of the toughest fights in the game, which is why I died a lot.

I installed ME2 this morning. I'm not sure if I'll be done ME2 before too much house stuff hits.

After I'm done ME2, it will be a long wait for ME3 to come down in price. My gaming budget is "dirt cheap."

Eventually I need to pick up KotOR. That should be cheap now, too.