Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Much camping achieved. We went up to Little Bennett on Friday afternoon and returned on Monday morning.

I got to test out my revised fire-fu skills, this time with sufficient firewood. Most the the cooking fires went much better this time around, as I routinely boiled water. Just have more wood did the trick.

On Saturday, Xpioti and her brood came to visit us and we had a great time visiting. We went on a nature hike, played around the nature center, then went back to the camp site for dinner. Her kids enjoyed toasting the mashmallows. No eyes were poked out with a red-hot-skewer despite their best efforts.

Earlier on Saturday, we went boating. After boating, I recalled that there were some raspberry bushes nearby. This year, they were in full bloom, and we picked quite the nice load. Hers Truly devoured them with little shame.

We only had rain on Friday night, which helped cool down some of the crazy heat. The heat pretty much stayed with us most of the weekend, and only really broke on Monday.

We had some fine meadow-playing time. On Sunday, we made clover chains before heading up to Hyattstown mill to make leaf prints. Hers Truly also made some rock insects. Playing in the field proved so popular that we headed back several time for more play, including cloud watching. There was also much firefly catching, and those fireflies were released inside the tent to entertain us in the night. On Monday morning, we dressed up some ponies into a field-flower pagent.

Sleeping proved challenging. My daughter can steal the covers like a pro. Her elbow-fu is beyond comprehension.

The only thing that I really don't like about Little Bennett is the proximity of 270. That road noise carries into an otherwise wonderful park. Some day we'll be able to hike it more extensively. Right now, Hers Truly is done after 30 minutes, if that long.

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