Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

More Stuff Coming Online

Hers Truly has hit turbulence again. More brain stuff is coming online. She is now, again, having to come to grips with me going to work. This happens about every six months now.

Also new, imagined offenses are now coming with motivation.This morning, I did not remember her for breakfast because I forgot about her. No. Not the case. Now, I can't "fix" this, but I can be more vocal about breakfast time. I had been leaving her breakfast, but she got tired of what I left her, and now it seems that she wants things left again. The good news is that breakfast with daddy is treasured and it hurts when she misses that.

I can no longer get distracted while watching videos. If I am with her, then all my attention must be on the videos. That gets annoying. About the only thing that I can do without flack is fall asleep.

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