Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Church Retreat

We had a church retreat down at West River over the weekend.

We had planned to go down on Friday night, but the challenging weather thumbed its nose at us. According to folks, the traffic was hell, so it was just as good that we didn't go down. Locally, a few tornadoes touched down mid-county.

In the morning, we declared Father's day early, and went down to Nick's Diner for breakfast. After that, we headed off for a nice few days. The only toys that we brought were a bucket of ponies and a box of dinosaurs, and boy-oh-boy, were they ever hits with the short crowd.

Highlight for the short set included playing on the docks and putting sticks in the water, wading into the river, swimming at the pool, taking pictures with my cheapo digital camera, frosting cupcakes, feeding snapping turtles, and generally chasing each other across the lawn.

I did get in a little picture taking. I didn't take the banjo as I had hoped, but the car was crowded, and was even more crowded on the ride home. I did get a few fantastic naps in on Saturday.

On Sunday, we adapted to being home. I turned one of Jenny's garden beds. We are now planting, and STILL WAITING for to buy that short sale. (Fucking oxymoron.) I have another four bed to turn during the week.

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