Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Went down to Chinkoteague over the weekend. 

Getting down was hell, but as I would later learn, merely an annoyance in comparison.

We had a fine time down there. We spent Saturday mostly on the beach. Nice weather, but also a stiff wind and lots of blowing sand. For food, I broke discipline, took lots of Lactaid, and ate ice cream and beach pizza.

On the way back, we hit the backup hell on 50. Three hours to go from Easton to 50/404. Icky-sicky. No fun.

On Friday, Jen and I did make the Avengers in the morning. It was a fun flick. We could only find one showing before noon so we went up to the Rio. We thought that we would see the 3D version, but we got lucky and it was the 2D version.

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