Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

My Little Pony Cake

For my birthday, I ask for a cake made by my wife and daughter. This year, I asked for a My Little Pony cake. I had every expectation that Hers Truly would pick Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie, because one is purple and the other is pink. Nope. She said that I should get a Big Macintosh cake, because he's big and strong like I am.


So, I'm turning 46 and I'm getting a Big Macintosh cake. How cool is that?

If you are a male, what do your peers think about you for watching My Little Pony?

At 4-6, Normal.
At 7-10, Gay, but you don't know what gay means.
At 11-13, Gay, mostly to be cruel, but you don't know what gay really means.
At 14+, Gay, because you think it really is gay.
At 18+, weird and gay.
At 30+, just play weird and icky.
At 30+, with child, watching it is PERFECTLY NORMAL, and then you compare favorite episodes and you also thank God that your child stopped watching Dora the Explorer.


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