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Digging OUt

I made it to the street!

I redug the sidewalk first. It was harder this time with that thin layer of sleet. Drat it. That took more energy than I wanted to give. Yesterday's shoveling was so very easy.

I got the leaf blower out in a brilliant idea about moving all the snow. Don't believe it. First, I had to wade to the shed. I am tall. I do not wade in snow. I waded in snow anyhow. The shed was sealed by the snow, so I had to dig it out with my feet, as she shoved was back on the street. Once I had the blower and extension cords out, I waded back and let the power rip! All I did was get myself covered over in white stuff. It was then that I realized: drat it, I forgot the pick-axe. So I had to wade back out to the shed to grab it.

With the car being cleaned off, it was time to escape. I started by moving the car backward and forward. At first, I had no headway, but the AWD eventually helped me to get the car going. I pushed it back and forth until I was about 2/3 of the way to the street, whereupon I hit a patch of snowplow ice left over from the last ice storm. I got stuck. Five minutes and lots of ice later, along with several attempts to get the car to move, I got the car to move.

Now my footsies are cold and my duct-taped hiking boots are soaked. All this, and not even lunch time. Thinking of lunch time, I'm hungry.

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