Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Unlikely Weekend

It's been an unlikely weekend, in its way.

In Friday, Amazon calculated that I had finally made over $10 in roylalties, so they paid me $12. That's my first independent book money. However, it's not my first "writer" money. I used to be a technical writer. I've already been paid for writing. This is the first time that I've been paid for fantasy writing, or creative writing.

A small victory, but a victory never the less.

Hers Truly went off with my sister for the weekend. They visited my sister Carol, my brother, played with my neice R., then visited my parents. I am told she was generally good, but did try to boss my father around.

Meanwhile, Jenny and I had a date-weekend. We visited the Vegetable Garden, which is a chinese-asian vegetarian restaurant. We hadn't gone there in a while due to small people, and as always, the food was good. Afterward, we went to see a high school musical. We successfully got into Le Miserables. The box office was sold out, so Jenny walked the line, getting one ticket for $5 and the other for free. Woot!

This morning was just relaxed. I'm starting on the anniversary picnic. The current menu is: cucumber sandwiches, minced ham sandwiches, cherry tomatos vinaigrette, fruit salad (grapefruit, apple, and blueberry), and to top it all off, home-made danishes. Yup, I'm learning to make danishes for this outing.

Once Hers Truly got back, we played outside. She played with the hose and got herself soaked. (Good fun.) Meanwhile, I turned one of the garden beds. We don't know if we will be able to use the bed at all, as the house situation remains uncertain, but it kept me amused.

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