Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Captain America

We had a fun time watching Captain America last night. Good candy.

Now, I rant. I hate the color pallet of the film. I hated all the BROWN. It was a dull, brown film. I'm sorry, the 40's were anything but drab and brown. The costumes were usually accurate, but the extras felt like they were in costume. Often, fashions were more from the late 20's to early 30's. Those felt wrong as well. Given how extensive the costume catalog for the 40's is, where any production can rent actual clothing and costumes from the 40's, there's really no excuse for that level of sloppiness.

That much said, I can also complement the costume department. More often than not, they really did have nice costumes. The set department did an amazing job with ordinary items. The army tents looked right. The GI's look right, especially in their wide variety of looks. When it came to the GI's, I'm positive that the film DID use the costume catalog, and the extras all looked right in those scenes.

I'm not a costume nut, I assure you, Yet, for some reason, these things irk me. 

The women's hair was wrong, too. They were dolled up, but their hair didn't feel dolled up right. There was a tightness missing. Their hair being wrong contributed to the feeling that they were costumed rather than clothed.

Funny how our eyes are sensitive to these things.

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