Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Jenny finally got her birthday dinner. Mark and Izzy came over to watch Hers Truly, and we went out to the Inn and Brookeville Farms. Yummy, yummy. 

At church, Jenny told the story of the Passion in her storyteller style. She worked very hard on it. I did lots of extra stuff so that she would have lotsa time to work on it. Go, Jenny.

I spent way too much time working on Fallout: New Vegas this weekend. I gave the new video card a through workout. I need to keep the card fan pumping or else the card locks occasionally. I also notices that several 

I finally got Jenny to watch Cowboy Beebop. Yeah, only fourteen years late. That show is still great fun. It actually held up well for its age.

Hers Truly keeps watching the same episode of Walking with Dinosaurs. It's the underwater episode.


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