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Such Snow

I shovled three times today. Still more. I was going to take more pictures, but it's COLD out there.

I can move the car about. I backed it into a deeper area of snow. This will let me pull it forward into a shallower area of snow when it comes time to dig out. Some dummy I won't mention forgot to get gas before this. Duh. Tomorrow doesn't look any better.

I think class is cancelled for Tuesday. Wanna bet?

I checked work. Work isn't cancelled yet. I suppose I'll be one of the few people to actually show up if work doesn't get snookered. I'd like to say that I'd have an easy day or two, but with so many people not showing up and a hospital to run, I'd say I'll be kept busy.

I am no Galactic Racing Champion. Guess what I did all day? That's right, Lego Racer. I really shoulda studied. Really. Bwhahhahha. Guess who felt too lazy and would rather be a kid about this stuff?

I am really glad I remembered to stock a little extra food when the winter started. I like to keep a week on hand, just in case. As it stand, I have enough rice for a month. Then there's flour, potatoes, noodles, etc. Enough carbohydrates to kill a small country.

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