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Winter Fun

I like snow. I really like snow when I don't have to travel.

Jennifer was going to take me to the peace rally in Baltimore, but the cold was still a little in my head. I lent her my camera and sent her off. Jennifer also made a very nice Valentine. We popped off to a Vientamese restaurant in Wheaton. The service was cold, but the food was good. The plum wine was unforgivable. The table was loose. I don't demand the best, but this was even off for my standards.

I picked up a few cheap games today. "Leggo Racer 2" has been light hearted fun. "Septerra Core" has been a nightmare. I still can't get the game to run. The installation routine doesn't work. I had to hand-place registry entries. In addition, the executable has a syntax error in it, making it impossible to run the game without clever measures.

I talked, on the phone no less, to the Nancy girl. We'll try and do lunch next weekend. I gave the adios to the Laurie girl.

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