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Amazon Orders

My next Amazon order came in. I don't know when it arrived. The delivery guy dropped it off between the AC unit and the house. Good thing that I looked for it. So now I have the Ruttles in hand, Dancer In The Dark, and Southpark: the movie, along with accompanying sountracks. I also picked up the Chicago sountrack and the original Broadway soundtrack.

Still feeling a little tired. I should have napped out earlier, I think.

People are going icky about the terrorist stuff. I'm not too worried. I don't watch the news while I'm home, so I'd never know. I'm in a government building during the day, which means I follow orders. If I'm anywhere else, I'm at the mercy of my hosts. So, I'm hosed.

If something REALLY BAD happens, I get called into work. The hospital will be busy. This is not something that I like to think about, but after Sept. 11, it's something I've been coming to terms with. I will go. My morals will not let me do anything else.

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