Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


As an experiment, I tried republishing Weeds Among Stone on CreateSpace.


My first problem was that I created two instances of my title. Bad. I tried to remove one, but had no means of removing the project.

Next, I attempted to renamed the bad project. No amount of renaming worked.

This is for the birds. Unless you are desperate, I can not recommend CreateSpace.

In addition, CreateSpace has some sort of review process. Hello? I am self publishing. That means that I am hiring YOU. Self-publishing means that I accept all the risks. I understand why a review process exists, but I am mighty intolerant of it. I only print paper copies for myself and immediate family. That means that I get no reward from this hassle.

I'll hold my nose and see it through, but I have little hope of enjoying this.

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