Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Hers Truly took a bit of "intelligence" testing over the weekend. You know our bright thing? Yeah, she's bright. As of right now, no weird science in the basement. This rule is non-negotiable.

I picked up another game over the weekend. "Cargo Bridge" rocks. In this game, you build bridges and move stuff across them. That's it. You get a budget, build a bridge, and if it works, you score points equal to your unspent money. Simple! Hers Truly loves the game, but mostly because the little workers who move things around scream "ayaeee!!!" when they fall. It's quite giggle worthy. Things that get moved include crates, safes, and elephants.

Even cooler, when Hers Truly wanted to play Cargo Bridge this morning, I suggested making our own. She dug out people, a box, and and her elephant. Talk about cool.

The best part? Cargo Bridge uses an actual physics engine. The bridges distribute forces, break on stress points, and even have to bear their own weight.


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