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We flew to Oklahoma. We were there a week. The flight out went easy enough. At the airport, we were met by Jenny's father and younger brother.

The in-laws had a new dog. Jake was very relaxed most of the time, but he did have some adjustment to a strange male entering the house. He calmed down after scritches behind the ears and a few treats.

The in-laws kept us busy. They took us to a local production of Seusical, the Tulsa zoo, and for Christmas, to an art deco church. The church was drop dead gorgeous. If you're ever in Tulsa, swing by. Purdee.

I also had quite a few outings to the local park. I loved the rocks there. Lots of good seabed type rock. (Shale?) I found a few fossils in them. Mostly the shales had worm burrows through them. (Again, I think.)

Hers Truly had fun at Seusical. The whole show was a little hard to sit through, so I was a daddy jungle gym the whole time. The show had multiple best parts. During intermission, the spotlight ranged about the room, with a large squad of children chasing it. Hers Truly ran her little heart out chasing that light. It makes a daddy heart happy. At the end of the show, the cast came into the audience and danced with some of the kids, Hers Truly included. That got her quite excited. Afterwards, she free ranged over the foyer talking to all the actors (with me chasing behind and eventually giving up).

Hers Truly has acquired quite the sneakiness lately. She resorted to sneaking candy for a few days. That was frustrating. Hers Truly's willfulness is getting to be quite the problem. 

Hers Truly did not eat well during the trip. Her apetite seemed off most of the time.

Having nothing better to do, I read "The Great Gatsby." Fitzgerald writes like silk, but I found the overall story so-so.

The in-laws gave everyone Kindle Fires for Christmas. That was quite generous. I had thought about getting one myself, but decided that I would be better off with a touch, as otherwise I would get Angry Birds, then my daughter would never leave me alone to read. Instead, I got a Fire, installed Angry Birds, and am now stuck with yet another computer toy that compels her interest. Yes, that was stupid of me.

Jenny did some more editing for me. She's about halfway through the book now. I also continue plotting forward on the third book.

No news on the house.

The flight home was delayed for two hours due to mechanical trouble. We did not crawl into the house until 1am. Hers Truly was so tuckered that she curled into a ball, and it was all we could do to undress her and get her into bed.

I spent the day resting up and sorting out the living room explosion that was Christmas.

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