Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

One Small Step

BoA has allowed the short sale. Now to finish up the quotes and get them in and start negotiating.

Jenny should be picking up the stamps and pictures today for the Christmas cards. I should start stuffing.

I've been accumulating dry ice boxes at work. They are wonderful for books. Even better, they are sturdy, plentiful, and stack well. I've been bringing home 5-10 every day. After four days, I've packed my own bookshelves. I look with great patience and zen upon my wife's bookshelves, because I really can't afford to think about that too much. Most likely, I won't do her bookshelves until after Christmas, when I can take down mine and start stacking boxes.

My parents will come down this weekend for the first of the Christmas marathons.

For some reason, the cat's been staying inside far more. He's not going out until after breakfast when he should be going out predawn. Odd. And he wants laps. He's become superlapcat. 

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