Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Blurb for Standing Between Earth and Heaven

How does this blurb look? Would you buy it? (Very likely, there will be another rewrite on this, but I want to see if I'm going in the right direction.)

What would do give to learn the secrets that others know? What would you give to feel pleasure unimaginable? What would you pay for the little red line that gave you that power? Try it once. Try it again. Come back for more. You will always come back for more. The little red snakes are in you now, and the red snakes hunger. You do not control them. They control you, and they are the servants of the Red Lady.

Now that you are hungry, what would  you do for more? The red snakes are not free. Would you steal from your family? Would you sell yourself on the streets? Would you steal secrets from the Ironmongers? Would you sacrifice your life for a stack of false promises? How will you give the Red Lady her due?

One of the Savage Sisters, the Red Lady is the temptress of deceit, and deceits are more than lies. Deceits are lies that you want to believe, calling to you like a siren in the fog. Deceits make you hate your own misgivings, pushing them down into yourself, burying them deeper than a grave digger buries the dead. Deceits bring you to serve a mistress who lies to you in all ways, and for you, the story always ends the same. You are betrayed by your temptress.

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