Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


It was a quiet weekend as weekends go, mostly filled with laundry.

Hers Truly's weekend Christmas present project was making mosaic stepping stones. The first two turned out so-so. The tile did not bind well to the concrete. Hopefully the second pair work better. Even better, even if the mosaics don't work, I had Hers Truly put her hand prints into the mosaics, so grandparents will, at least, get hand prints.

Christmas is coming up too fast. Too fast. I'm having to grind myself into gear for the Christmas card list. 

Wrapped up Sunday with Charlie Brown.

The cat is back to his indoor habits. He now eats like a horse and occupies laps whenever possible. 

Jenny is still editing away at the latest book. I doubt that I will resolve all issues by Christmas, so I'm now aiming for a January publication.

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