Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Fairy Quilt

A friend of ours made a fairy quilt for Hers Truly. It is wonderful. It contains many panels of fairies from a 1920's fairy book. The last panel is a picture of Hers Truly when she was a tiny-tiny angel for Christmas.

I have finally gotten around to watching Highlander. Can you believe that? I never did see it back in the 80's. The thing is fairly laughable so far. How was this ever cool? I really don't understand. Still, that's one more film almost checked off my list.

Last night we went to a pot luck with the old pot luck gang. Jenny made an amazing bread pudding. Yum. Wow.

I finally got my picture mailed from Ritz Pix last night. It took far to many days to reach me. Boo. The Christmas card this year works nicely, though. I think that I'm finally accounting for the darkening that happens on printing. So, after this, I move onto more Christmas chore fun. (*sigh*)

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