Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Playing Santa Clause

Hers Truly is now into let's pretend bigtime. So, I'm back in the role-playing business.

Our latest game, as of last night, was playing Santa and his elf helper. I played Santa, and asked my elf helper what needed delivering. She arranged the chairs into the sleigh, then we took off to deliver presents. While getting to our destination, we sang Christmas songs. After landing, the elf helper would put the presents out for the children. After that, we would take off to the next house.

The game is absolutely charming.

In surprises, Hers Truly knocked over the Christmas tree. Fortunately, the tree was not very big. We only had one plaster ornament get broke.

Hers Truly does like the Christmas lights, too. So far, she has broken about five bulbs by twisting the light. I have a spare strand, so it's easy enough to replace the bad bulbs, but fixing them is annoying.

I have my Christmas present early. I now have a brand new battery for my laptop. It needed it. When we travel, we'll be needing the laptop in better shape. The existing battery was down to nothin' on top of nothin'. 

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