Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hair Cut

Hers Truly started her own hair cut this weekend. She closed herself in her room, cut her hair, and hid her hair in the bed and under the bed.

Yeah, it was a half-haircut trainwreck made with blunt-nose scissors.

Even more-so, Hers Truly was quite proud of what she did. No shame. No remorse. She did get a patient talking-to, as this is something that we want her to understand: do not cut your own hair. If she does want to cut her own hair, she must learn how to.

This weekend, we also set up the Christmas tree. This is the first Christmas tree decorated with a Clara doll, a hula dancer, and a zip-line that I've ever had. Hers Truly does come up with some amazing stuff.

Talking about amazing stuff, Hers Truly suggested making pancakes, but turning them into shapes with cookie cutters. I don't know if she saw this or came up with it, but by gosh, it worked. You use the cookie cutters as shapers, giving you very shaped pancakes.

The first estimate came back on landscaping for the house. The cheap way is expensive. The more thorough way is gosh-awful expensive. Those are our choices. I don't know how we'll play this all into the bid. Our hope is by discounting the house on one end, and rolling expenses into the mortgage on the other end, we'll wind up without a huge cash drain on us, which is good as we want to put in geothermal heating. Yeah, they're money pits.

The geothermal stuff needs to go in right away, as we want that payback starting right away.

Jenny started on the edits for "Standing Between Earth and Heaven."She savaged the glossary. Go, Jenny.

I'm reworking the HTML for "Weeds Among Stone." I am now behind the art. With a little help from JEDIT, and judicious use of regular expressions, I can now do a 95% conversion for Kindle in about two minutes, all tasks included. Next, I need to figure out how to build a table of contents automagically. Then again, I may just say "screw it" and rewrite the converter in PERL. 

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