Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

The holiday went went. We drove up to my parents in Pennsylvania and stayed a few nights.

My parents have this big bed. When we stay there, Hers Truly gets to sleep with us. For some reason, this means that Hers Truly gloms onto Jenny and stays on the far side of the bed all night. I can't complain. That child has ninja elbows.

I delivered a refurbished PC to my dad. It's faster that his previous one, and gives my parents a second computers. I spent a few days getting it and wireless into their house. That work is done.

Friday and Saturday were dedicated to the lawn and garden. We had to empty out the previous mulching bins, then fill them up with this year's leaves. The lawnmower only broke once while mowing the lawn. I ran the damned thing without the cover on and discovered that it truly is vibrating itself to death. Over the winter, I'll need to do an ever more thorough repair job. Right now, I'm happy being done.

I finished up refinishing my kit banjo. It's pretty, When my new strings come in, I'll string it back up. I still need to figure out what to do about the drum head. The current drum head is warped. Maybe I'll use a thin wood head, or maybe a can, if I can find the right sized can.

We made it to see The Muppets on Sunday afternoon. This was Hers Truly's first real movies. She liked it a lot.

The weekend wrapped with Jenny and Hers Truly giving a puppet show to me. They performed Cinderella for me. Then, they turned the tables and said that I should perform Cinderella for them, so I did.

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