Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Packed Weekend

The weekend was a bit more packed than usual. Jenny watched XPioti's kids on Friday night, so Hers Truly and I went on a special date to the BBQ place (which has pickles, peanuts, and an ice cream freezer).

Saturday, we ran off to the Montessori school open house, then off to the blacksmith festival at the farm park, where we had a hay ride and ran through a corn maze. I bought a splitting wedge and a ball pene hammer head for $5. I should really have snagged that bigger splitting wedge, too.

Sunday, I dropped off Hers Truly for sitting, then ran down to the Sheridan school open house. Meanwhile, Jenny dropped food off at coffee hour in Georgetown, then ran up to the Sheridan school as well. After that, we looked at houses.

We've found some acceptable houses. Short sales. Under self-imposed maximum, too. Of course, that doesn't actually make any decisions for us. We have a location-school interdependent decision to make. Sometimes I just think it's ugly.

The would be a lot easier to decide if we both make $100k a year. Alas, the economics of a single bread-winner are out of step with the country.

If we pick up a house, we would have a living room. What do you do with a living room? 

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