Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I was cool and fixed the drip on the kitchen faucet. First, the hex screw on the level was super-stiff. Next, I the cap was stuck, so I had to dissolve the minerals with vinegar. Finally got that off. Next, the repair kit was missing a washer. Dang it. To hardware store and back. Next, I reassembled. Everything worked find except for that danged hex screw. Get that screw back on took me more time than fixing the faucet.

Anyhow, faucet now fixed.

I also picked up a new circular saw blade. This was a matter of safety. The stock blade sucked and stuck. The new blade, with carbide tips, sliced through hickory like butter. Great stuff. I used it to create some hickory boards. That was a well spent $15. Now all I need to do is figure a better way of cutting boards.

The grandparents (Jen's mom and step-dad) came down over the weekend. 

Snow. That's the big new. Snow came down. In fricking October the snow came down. I've never seen that here. All in all, we survived well. We never hit freezing, so the rain never developed into an ice storm.

Carved a pumpkin today. Hers Truly drew the face and I carved it out. Great fun. And I made some great pumpkin seeds as well.

I did much baking. In addition to pancakes, I made a run of muffins and a run of scones. Good stuff.

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