Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Grandparent Visit

We went up the visit my parents over the weekend.

The weekend excitement was going to see the miniature horses outside Gettysburg. The best part of that was the playground. Little horses? Not so exciting. Tricycles? The bomb.

We had dinner over at Red Lobster.

I continue having trouble explaining why I don't like commercial eateries. I think it comes down to tastiness vs. flavor. Commercial places favor tastiness, but private places favor flavor. Having eaten flavorful food, foor which is just tasty because of salt and fat isn't that exciting to me.

I think I've figure out the lawnmower. It has a lead on the motor which busted loosed. How, I don't know. As best as I can tell, this electric lawnmower is vibrating itself to death. Truly shoddy quality. None of this should be happening. I've tried finding parts, but can't, so I'll have to fix this myself. As it stands, I had to saw off the motor cover because the screws are stuck. Did I mention the sucktitudinous qualit of this machine? When it works, it works great, but it's just not a survivor.

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