Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Shuttle in the Family

My cousin's wife's father worked on the runway for the space shuttle. According to him, the Kennedy Space Center runway was a continuous pour. They could not afford to have any breaks in it. It's also so long that they had to account for the curvature of the earth.

I remember getting an Enterprise model when I went to the NASA Greenbelt complex in the 7th grade. I opened the model up in the bus on the way home. Unfortunately, I lost the stickers that came with it, so I was never able to decorate it correctly. For quite a few years, it hung by string from my ceiling. If I recall correctly, that model "crashed on reentry", much as the X-Wing model did. I don't recall if it caught fire and burned. (Ah, youth an pyromania.)

I remember the test landing of Enterprise. Good God, it was supposed to be exciting, but all people on TV did was talk, and it took forever for anything to actually happen. The thing eventually landed. That was cool, but not nearly as cool as everyone made it out to be.

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