Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Busy Day

It's been a busy day today. In fact, the whole weekend has been clear. I would have gotten more done, but I had a headache over Sunday.

Thing started hectic when Hers Truly got sick. We took her to the emergency room. Strep. Phew. It was only strep. By Saturday afternoon, she was keeping food down.

I finally got going on that sawbench and now it's done. It's a firm D in Wood Shop Class. Lousy, but it works, which is all that I need.

I finally got around to removing all the hardboard from my old cabinet doors. There's now a pile of sawdust a foot high. I also discovered why they put that awful material on my old cabinet doors: the doors used lousy glue. Awful stuff. The boards split on their own. The builder got desperate and applied the extra layers. As I removed the material with my hand planer, I split several boards.

All that planing jammed up my hand planer. I can't adjust it all the way any more. I need to take it apart.

I visited the dentist. All looks good.

I finished an axe handle. This one is not breaking. 

My first axe handle broke near the head. Turns out that red oak is not good for axe handles. It was just waiting to split. So, glad that I found all that hickory for the next handle. All the red oak went onto the wood pile.

I sorted through my hickory. I split the useful stuff into handle blanks, and split the remainder and tossed those onto the wood pile as well.

Now, it's time for even more laundry. Oh, yeah, it's been a busy day today.

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