Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Phone Upgrade Blues

It's phone upgrade time again. I am eligible.

The bad news is flip phones. As long as I want a lowest-end cheapie, I can have any flip-phone that they are willing to offer me, which isn't much.

I could get an Android phone. Do I really want one of those things in my pocket? My current phone is 9mm x 4.5 mm. That's the biggest phone that I've owned yet. Do I really want another inch wide and another inch longer? Really?

Then there's the extras issue. It seems like every that is not a smart phone has fallen behind on every measure. 

Why are smart phones doing well? They carriers offer bigger discounts on them, filled with more features, and offer continuously worse alternate options.


Maybe I'll dump my current phone and go back to my smaller, older phone. 
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