Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Not much on the weekend agenda, even though it keeps filling up on me. Lawn, if the weather cooperates. Maybe fix the lawnmower. Definitely do some more hewing.

I haven't been hewing fast enough, and my green wood is drying out, making it tougher. I need to get where I can use my circular saw to make blanks for tool handles, or at least firewood. And I really need to get that sawbench project done, because it will make so many other projects easier.

I need to wrap up the axe handle project. To do that, I need to make a wedge, buy some metal wedges, and buy some boiled linseed oil. I'm ready to call the axe handle done. It has flaws, but I hope that the next project can eliminate those flaws.

The hardest part will be concentrating on my goals.

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