Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I have acquired a second wooden pallet. This thing is good stuff. 3/4 inch pine. Getting it apart will be a bear. If you sacrifice, you can get anything that you want out of a pallet. The key word here is "sacrifice." If you want all the wood, times get tougher. This will give me parts that I need for making my saw bench. 

My new carpenter axe came in. It sharpened up nicely and did its job. I used it to finish the debarking of my working log. Gotta get the poison ivy remains off of it.

We had some friends over to dinner. Their house had been flooded out a few weeks back. While they were visiting, Hers Truly went to watch videos after dinner. She also kicked me out when I came back to watch with her. She ended up falling asleep in the bed. We had to get her up to pee her, then she was awake until all hours.

Our pumkin has gotten waterlogged with all this rain. It started rotting from the bottom. I finally put it on a brick, but don't know if that will save it. We might get another, but the season may also be a bit late.

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