Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The axe handle has made great progress in the last few days. It mostly resembles an axe handle now. It's not perfect, but it's damned closer to perfect than anything I've done before. This thing is two orders of magnitude harder than anything else I've tried.

All this woodwork has left my corner of the basement an absolute mess.

We had a Parents of Small Children potluck on Saturday. The hosts hired babysitters, and I suddenly realized that I had nothing to do. When I go places, I was used to Hers Truly occupying my time.

I sold off my gold wedding ring. 7 grams of 14k gold netted me $145. I'm sure that I paid more than that. All told, it was a credible amount of money. I sold this to some Sikh's running a Sikh style jewelry shop. Oh-my-fucking-God, they were $10k-20k necklaces sitting on the wall. The work was gorgeous and ostentatious in that traditional Indian way.

In order to understand jewelry, you need to understand markups.

(Materials + Labor + Markup)  x (Dealer Markup) = Your Cost.

You will notice that Materials is not a dominant component of the jewelry piece. So, when I sell and item for gold, I am only selling for the Materials. I take a loss on Labor and Markups. In addition, the gold buyer is only paying a percentage of the gold value, further reducing the overall recovery value of the materials. In short, Markups and Labor kills you unless you do the selling with no middle man.

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