Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Apple orchard trip was yesterday. Had fun going and taking pictures.

With my remaining day, I did a bit of shopping. I needed some of everything. I picked up three different brands of fitted shirts. We'll see how they fit me.

I began hewing one of my hickory stumps. Hewing is turning a log into a square. I got two sides done. New hewing axe did its job well. Partway through, I got frustrated with my oak axe handle project and wanted to try my new axe head, so I made a new maple handle in 15 minutes. Makeshift handle worked credibly and the axe head worked nicely, too. 

I spent a good chunk of the evening with my pocket knife and my oak handle. I spent two hours of whittling trying to get the head fitted. I am mostly done. Phew. Oak is some tought stuff.

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