Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Showers and First and Most

Hers Truly has taken to taking showers. She had been taking the occasional shower with Jenny, but that slipped to showers by herself in the August. She did well enough, so we've been letting her take showers rather than baths.

That is a huge change in my routine. For years we've been sitting together as she takes a bath. Now that's over, and I'm not sorry to see it go. I had time time with it. One day, I will miss it, like so many things, but right now, it is a welcome change. Hers Truly was getting more rambunctious in the bathtum, and staying in the bathroom was getting somewhat harder.

Some things did not change. She must still use my "big blue daddy towel" to dry off.

Over the last six months, "first" and "most" have both become important games. Getting somewhere first, such as up or down stairs, is quite important. Likewise, having the most water at dinner is another must. It's best to just roll with it. As with most things, she will grow through it.

Breakfast, which had been quite steady for a while, has become unsteady again. Often, she does not eat my English muffins, but will always eat the banana. She loves having some of my coffee, too, and woe-to-me if I should drink it all before she wakes up. 

Hers Truly tries to keep me around as long as possible on many occasions. She delays me getting to work quite often. 

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