Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Awesome Ads

I am in awe of the PR campaign for the new muppet movie.

It began over the last few years with all those viral videos. They weren't there just as feel-good ideas. They were these to re-educate the masses. You see, the muppets franchise has faded over the years. The wackiness toned down. The originality faded. They got forgotten about. Muppets no longer equaled madness.

The current campaign exists to re-educate us watchers about just how wacky and unpredictable the muppets could be. "This is our humor." They create in us a level of expectation about the humor. Then, once we see a movie, we can expect the same humor.

Except, there is more. We are all used to seeing movie trailers that over-hype a movie. Who really buys a movie trailer? That's where the next bit of brilliance comes in. The PR folks for the muppets have produced four teaser trailers so far, each with their own form of wacky humor, a regular trailer, and a video with OK Go. In short, this entire campaign exists to prove to us the utter wackiness of the muppets, without a doubt. This next muppet movie won't be a gentile, mildly silly thing. This movie promises to be a fully and unadulterated TRAIN WRECK of a comedy.

Train Wreck. Just like the old muppet show. This is going to be awesome.

Thank you, John Lasseter, for assembling a muppet team, sleep depriving them, feeding them too much coffee, then demanding too much movie for too little money with not-enough time. That's the way you achieve the madness.


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