Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

More Rain

After three days of continuous rain, the cat is now willing to go out into the wet. That's a mighty motivated cat.

The remains of this tropical storm has causes more flooding and inconvenience than a hurrican blowing through. Wow.

I improved my cutting bench. (At least, I hope it's an improvement.) I added some bracing at the bottom. The bracing might interfere with the sawblade while ripping. I don't know yet. If worst comes to worst, I'll take it apart and reassemble. It's all put together with drywall screws. (Hey, they were free.)

I am making slow progress on axe handle #3. This time, it will be in oak. I am slowly shaping the scrap into a useful shape so that I can shape it into an axe handle. Essentially, I'm turning a curvy piece into a straight piece.

I discovered a good woodworking store near me. Mucho $$$ for their high-quality tools. Also, access to tools and space via subscription. $99 monthly. Not a good deal for me as I can't nearly use the time available to me.

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