Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

A Bash

A bashed out a quick bench that "work". It's wobbly, but it works. I'll figure out how to stiffen it up later. I needed the impromptu sawbench so that I could make my sawbench.

Rain. My workshop (outside) is raining, for a week, so I can't saw the oak. Right now, I think it's black oak, but I could so easily be wrong. Anyhow, I need to pile stuff up so that I can saw planks out of the log. My mini-table saw doesn't provide enough support before or behind.

I've started on cleaning up the shed. Therein lies madness.

And finally, it is raining, and the cat has woken me up three times and refused to go out. 

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