Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Woodworking Projects

I was thinking (wrongly) that I had not done any woodworking projects for a long time. No. Wrong. Completely wrong.

4x Sand and Refinish Floors of House
5x Strip and Refiinish doors in house
Fix Side of Shed
Build New Door for Shed
Patch Outer Wall of Shed (failure)
(assist) Build Garden Bed
Gut Basement After Flood

Now that I look at it, I've been doing all kinds of woodworking stuff.

Thinking of that, he's my plans for my saw bench. 

I know that it's 20" high, so I can eyeball the rest. Really, it's a pretty straight-forward copy project. I'm not sure that I'll do the joins the same. I will need to disperse the stresses on the thing. 

I could also do this one. 

Or maybe this. I keep changing my mind.


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